Our Goals

• Friendly Customer Service

The most important aspect for our company is our clientell and our relationship with them. We offer a problem free service for ordering printings as we are there to help you with every step of the way. We listen to the clients needs, offer adequate advice and possible solutions to even the most complex jobs.

• Long-term Experience

Over 20 years of experience in the field and up-to-date machinery warrants a high quality product for our clients even on the most sophisticated projects.

• Environment

We find environment very important for us. We are always pushing our printing process to a more 'green' way choosing our raw materials and machinery upgrades with certifications in respective areas.

• Innovation

Our team is always educating themselves by exploring new technologies in order to offer you the most optimal and timely solutions.


The company was founded on the 24. of June 1991 by three estonians. Lakrito was created by each of those members investing 8000 roubles. During that time there were a lot of enthusiastic personas in estonia who had the so called ‘Know-how’ but lacked that capability of attaining the necessary machinery, which was required due to our countries entering into the marketing system. This is why we decided to search for a partner from our northern neighbours, the finnish. After nearly half a year of careful searching for the suitable associates, in January 1992 contracts were made with finnish industrialists who were willing to enter the Estonian market.

By the 29. of January, 1992 51% of Lakritos shares belonged to Estonians and the remaining 49% to Finnish. From this moment onwards we were certain that an organisation needs to be built that would leave behind the soviet mentality and would be capable of producing goods to meet the requirements of the western standards.

To this day AS Lakrito is 100% an Estonian company based on private capital. Our machinery consists of modern printing, pre- and post-press equipment. Our main goal is to produce quality products and sustain a pleasant relationship with our clients and partners.